Merit is dedicated to the overall well-being of our people. Administered by Merit Benefits, our health benefits and extended health benefit plans designed exclusively for Canada’s construction workers, industry partners and their families.


Healthy employees are happy employees

Our comprehensive benefit plans are not only cost-effective, simple to use and easy to access, they’re portable too. This means workers are always covered on the job, between work—even during layoffs.

Merit Contractors Association benefits include:


Health and Wellness

Our flexible benefits not only help maintain your overall health, but also protect you against unexpected medical costs.


Life Insurance and Income Replacement

Merit’s life insurance and income replacement ensures your loved ones are safeguarded from financial loss due to an unforeseen disability or death.


Simple Access and Easy to Use

Our direct billing, online claim submissions and convenient app make it easy for to access your benefit information any time—anywhere.

Health and Wellness

We support your wellbeing

80% basic and 50% major coverage to a combined limit of $2,500 per person per calendar year (every 6 months for children). Children’s orthodontics covered at 50% to a lifetime maximum of $2,500. A 100% basic dental option is available on the Office Supervisory Plan.

80% coverage for eligible drugs. A 100% coverage option is also available on the Office Supervisory Plan.

$350 for covered eye wear and $75 for an eye exam every two calendar years (every year for children). Additional $150 for employees every two years for prescription safety glasses.

100% coverage for semi-private hospital, medical equipment and supplies, and out-of-country medical emergencies. Paramedical coverage for physiotherapists, chiropractic, psychologists, massage therapists and more, subject to hourly and annual limits.

24/7, 365 days a year access to professional counselling and much more.

Coverage of up to $2,000,000 CAD per incident is available in the event of an unexpected medical emergency outside of Canada.

Access to expert specialists for a second medical opinion. Assistance locating specialists and medical facilities and navigating the health care system.

Life Insurance and Income Replacement

Have peace of mind

Hour Bank employee life insurance is $100,000. Office Supervisory Plan coverage is one, two or three times salary. In the case of accidental death, the benefit doubles. Life insurance is $10,000 for a spouse and $5,000 for dependent children.

Benefits are available after 120 consecutive days of an employee’s total disability. The Hour Bank LTD benefit is $2,500 per month, increasing to $3,000 after the first 24 payments. The Office Supervisory LTD benefit is based on the employee’s salary.

Benefits are payable on the first day of an employee’s accident or hospitalization, or on the eighth day of a disabling illness. The Hour Bank STD benefit is $800 per week and the Office Supervisory STD benefit is based on the employee’s salary.

Simple to Access and Easy to Use

Beneficial services

Most medical and dental claims can be submitted electronically. Claim payments can be expedited through direct deposit.

Most medical and dental claims can be submitted electronically. Claim payments can be expedited through direct deposit.

Most providers of health and dental services are able to bill Canada Life directly.

"Evolution Glass Inc. has been with Merit since its inception, and going on nearly eight years now. Our staff has always enjoyed the perk of maintaining their existing benefits, when transferring in from other glazing companies because of the hour bank program that Merit offers."
Richard Munro – Vice President of Construction




We are proud to announce Merit’s Mental Health Strategy.

This program will keep mental health at the forefront for Merit members, their employees, and families.

We have made available to our members resources to assist in navigating mental health issues in the workplace and at home.