COVID Workplace policies strongly encouraged for Ontario businesses

August 27, 2021

Ontario-based law firm Sherrard Kuzz LLP shared a brief regarding the latest announcements from the Government of Ontario and the City of Toronto’s COVID Vaccination policies. Below is their take on the announcements coupled with direct links to the City of Toronto’s news release and the Government of Ontario’s message.


  • Click here for the City of Toronto’s news release
  • Click here for guidance on key components of a COVID Workplace policy



On August 24, 2021, the Government of Ontario amended O. Reg 364/20 to specifically give to the Province the authority to require a business or organization to have a vaccination policy and/or set out what must be included in such a policy.  The amendment reads:

The person responsible for a business or organization that is open shall operate the business or organization in compliance with any advice, recommendations and instructions issued by the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, or by a medical officer of health after consultation with the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health,

  • requiring the business or organization to establish, implement and ensure compliance with a COVID-19 vaccination policy; or
  • setting out the precautions and procedures that the business or organization must include in its COVID-19 vaccination policy. 


To read the full brief provided by Sherrard Kuzz LLP click here.



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