Ontario Expands Permissible Construction Work

February 4, 2021

From our partners at Mathews, Dinsdale & Clark LLP: 

Ontario Expands Permissible Construction Work During Current Shut-Down Period

The Ontario Government  amended the Regulation related to businesses permitted to open to permit the following construction work:

43. Construction activities or projects and related services, including land surveying and demolition services, that,

(g) were commenced before January 12, 2021 and that would,

(iii) provide additional capacity to, or enhance the efficiency or
operations of, businesses that extract, manufacture, process and
distribute goods, products, equipment and materials.


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We are proud to announce Merit’s Mental Health Strategy.

This program will keep mental health at the forefront for Merit members, their employees, and families.

We have made available to our members resources to assist in navigating mental health issues in the workplace and at home.