Tuition Refund

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Successfully complete apprenticeship training, get your tuition reimbursed.

Merit’s Tuition Refund Program reimburses tuition fees for field employees of Merit member companies who successfully complete their apprenticeship training and return to work for a Merit member. The refund can be issued to either individual member employees or directly to the Merit member employer if the company paid for the employee’s tuition.

Merit’s Board of Directors believes it is important to assist the next generation of skilled trades workers. We are continuing with our tuition refund program. Tuition refunds for indentured apprentices are capped at 2016 levels.

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Tuition Refund

Send your claim form to:

Merit National
103, 13025 St Albert Trail NW
Edmonton, AB T5L 4H5

P: 1.888.744.0002
F: 780.455.2109

  • Successfully complete the apprenticeship training period at a publicly-funded training facility (i.e. technical schools).
  • Return to work full-time for a Merit member firm and work a minimum of 150 hours (approximately one month).
  • Employees who begin training immediately upon hire will be reimbursed after completion of the training period and once they have worked a minimum of 300 hours (approximately two months).
  • Employees who choose to work through school training will be reimbursed, if required hours have been achieved upon completion of the course
  • An employee leaving a Merit member firm will be eligible for a tuition refund if he/she finds work with another Merit member firm and meet all other criteria within six months of course completion.
  • Membership firms that pay for an employee may also be reimbursed.

Do I have to wait until I have worked 150 hours before sending the claim form and supporting documents?

No, you can send the form and documents in before. We will track the hours your company reports for your benefits.


I haven’t received my letter from the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training what can I do?

A digital copy should be available to you on your MyTradesecrets Profile on the Alberta Advanced Education website. Once you are on the site, your notifications envelope, then click on Details, then open the PDF labeled Progress Report. This will show you the letter required.


Is there a time limit to send in the claim form?

Yes. We must receive the claim form, supporting documents and you must have worked 150 hours with a Merit company within 6 months of the completion date on your letter from your province’s governing body.


I have banked hours from before I attended school. Will these count for the 150 hours?

No, we require that you work with a Merit member after completing and passing your course.


Can I email my claim and documents?

Yes, you can email your documents to They will be sent along to our team.


I emailed my application in four weeks ago. Why haven’t I received a cheque yet?

Our process takes approximately six to eight weeks to complete. We process the refunds in the order they are received. We also need to verify the correct paperwork is attached and all hours are worked.


I work in Saskatchewan. Your website form says for Merit Alberta. Can I still receive a tuition refund?

No, not from Merit Contractors Association Alberta. You need to contact the Merit Association in the province where your employer is a member.


Do I need a copy of my marks to receive a tuition refund?

Due to changes in the documents that are available to apprentices through the Apprenticeship and Industry Training website, marks are no longer required for Alberta apprentices.

A Merit member, or a Merit member employee, must complete the form specific to their province and submit for review/consideration. Should you have any questions or concerns please contact Merit’s Tuition Refund Coordinator via email at

Alberta Tuition Refund Form

Saskatchewan Tuition Refund Form

Manitoba Tuition Refund Form

Ontario Tuition Refund Form